Harry Malesovas

Harry Malesovas, Standing on the Devil’s Head, 2023, clay with low fire slips and glaze.

These monsters take on many interpretations but are primarily a means of bringing complex internal emotions outward for the world to see. Malesovas had never used the medium prior to attending his first ceramics class at the University of North Carolina Asheville. There, he found his true calling and decided to leave his history major behind in a pursuit of a BFA with a concentration in ceramics. As he worked towards his BFA, he fell in love with the medium and how it allowed him to bring his fantastical creatures to life.  

To Malesovas, being able to not only bring a creation from his mind to paper, but then bring a creation from paper to physical form, is incredibly special. “The relationship between a 3D object that takes up space and the viewer is like no other.”