Fogelberg, Red Wing, and APS Artists

JANUARY 17 – MARCH 1, 2015
Emily Galusha Gallery

The Fogelberg, Red Wing, and APS Artists exhibition featured the work of Ian Petrie, 2013 recipient of the Fogelberg Studio Fellowship; Jason Trebs, the 2014 Red Wing Collectors Society Foundation Award recipient; and Victoria Dawes and Ryan Archibald, recipients of the 2013 Anonymous Potter Studio Fellowship award. 

Ian Petrie creates mid-range ceramic work spanning functional to sculptural, but all of his work explores his interest in narrative. Working on comic-inspired decals over the course of his residency, he’s been intent on seamlessly integrating the 3D form with his 2D narratives. In addition to making ceramics, Petrie is NCC’s sales gallery coordinator. 

Jason Trebs has been a full-time potter since 2004. Prior to that, he worked with and studied under potter Robert Briscoe in Harris, MN, for two years. Recently featured in the documentary Minnesota Potters: Sharing the Fire and the “Crossroads” episode of the Craft in America series on PBS, he strives “to make useful art that can make daily life more interesting and fun.” 

Over the course of her residency at NCC, Victoria Dawes continued her investigation of earthenware pottery, developing and refining her surfaces, and exploring what “home” means within the context of pottery.  She is now a resident artist at the Yorkshire Artspace in Yorkshire, England. 

Ryan Archibald resides in Minneapolis, where he works full-time as a potter at Grey Fox Pottery. Over the course of his residency at NCC, he worked to develop a body of mid-range, soda-fired pottery. His work is driven by the contrast of geometry and line with the unpredictable nature of soda firing.

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