Three Jerome Artists

JANUARY 17 – MARCH 1, 2015
Main Gallery

Three Jerome Artists featured the work of the 2014 Jerome Ceramic Artist Project Grant recipients, Margeaux ClaudeMatthew Krousey, and David Swenson.

Margeaux Claude used her project time to explore scaling down industrial design practices to a studio level. The Jerome award allowed her to purchase industry standard equipment, seek out mentorship, and develop a body of work using plaster molds and slip casting.

Matthew Krousey created work that explores our vanishing natural habitats. The Jerome award has allowed Krousey to expand his imagery, moving his ideas from pottery to large tiles, where his ideas can grow in breadth. He currently works as an NCC sales gallery assistant.

David Swenson makes ceramic works with parts and pieces. Through the use of 3D modeling, printing, and prototyping, he is using his Jerome award to take advantage of technology, honing an idea through virtual assemblage before ever creating a final product. 

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